Compliancy E-Learning Platform

Safe time, improve efficiency and increase productivity by letting BlueSafety train and test all possible employees and visitors to an potential risk area.


BlueSafety is the e-learning platform for companies looking to improve the safety of an environment. Usable in combination with BlueEntrance. With the BlueSafety e-learning and testing platform, you combine training and testing of employees, visitors or contractors based on the safety guidelines applicable to you.

What is BlueSafety?

  • BlueSafety is an e-learning platform that works together with BlueEntrance to provide comprehensive safety solutions.
  • Designed for various industries and offers training and testing for employees, visitors, and contractors. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring accessibility and compliance with safety guidelines, while progress tracking is also available.
  • Integration with BlueEntrance enables centralized safety management for a secure workplace.


Secure and Safe Environment

Improved Safety Compliance

Automated Workflow

Enhanced Security

Customizable and Monitored Training

BlueSafety improves safety compliance by upgrading requirements and appliances. It offers automated workflows, allowing customization and streamlining. Security is strengthened through stricter checks on employees and visitors. Additionally, BlueSafety provides customizable and monitored training, allowing full customization of e-learning tests and uploadable training materials.

BlueEntrance and BlueSafety

When combined with BlueEntrance, it streamlines and automates workflow processes, from pre-notification to checkout, to establish eligibility for tasks. The platform is fully customizable and can be tailored to the users' needs. Enabling them to monitor the e-learning assessments, make matrices for standards and keep track of records, test results and expiration dates to enhance security.

Custom Courses

  • Create your own courses to fully ensure that your rules are enforced.
  • Customize a course on subjects such as its validity, amount of questions, types of questions and additional documents or videos.
  • Use the video functionality to easily teach contractors and visitors about the up-to-date safety rules. Providing clear examples and expectations is key to effective instruction. With the application's video management options, up-to-date regulations can be ensured seamlessly.

Simple and Straightforward

To ensure that all visitors and contractors are following the rules, it's essential to personally check them. This can be time-consuming. Thankfully, BlueSafety has it covered. By using surveys and questionnaires, the app can test everyone on their knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding the premises. The results are displayed in the dashboard and can be reviewed by the designated person.

BlueEntrance Enterprise

Fully integrate BlueSafety into BlueEntrance using the Enterprise package. Take the entire solution to an office or high-risk zone to enhance safety, effectiveness and management.

Find out more about BlueEntrance Enterprise on the BlueEntrance page.

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