Coworking Spaces

Integrated company, employee, and visitor management with access control

Management of companies, employees (per company) and visitors to a company (per company). This also includes the identifiers used and the allocation of the correct access rights. All variants for registering visitors are often used here. Visitors are invited by their hosts and can check themselves in and out at the kiosk within BlueEntrance. Within BlueEntrance, the operator is also responsible for registering visitors who have not registered in advance.

Easy management and overview

The most important add-on for this industry is the multi-tenancy within the BlueEntrance application. The administrator (owner of the building) is responsible for the management of the ‘companies’ and administrators of each company. The company-related administrators are responsible for managing the access rights and roles in BlueEntrance for the other users of the BlueEntrance application, like the operator, hr manager, employees, etc.

Case Studies


HNK is a flexible office concept where working places together with office and meeting spaces are available for a wide range of tenants in the building. With nearly 10 different locations, HNK is providing professionals the room and service that they need to fully focus on what they want to achieve. In this case, the case study focusses on one of the locations.

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