Centralize management and efficiency

Discover the ease of managing people with Bluefield Smart Access solutions. Make a university or school safer with real-time updates on what is happening in the building. Stay informed and manage situations with a simple overview of all the information you need. Keep everyone, students and staff, safe with automated hardware and software.

Modernise and optimise security

Give your school a modern edge by upgrading access control. Make the different parts of your school communicate with each other with our solution. This allows visitors to enter easily without compromising security or making errors, while still restricting access to private areas. Keep the important stuff behind locked doors for security.

Bluefield Smart Access provides a simple yet powerful solution for your school's needs. By managing everything in one place and updating access control, we ensure your school is both secure and easy to navigate. Empower your school to adapt to the modern world while keeping everyone safe and their information secure. With Bluefield Smart Access, simplicity meets sophistication, benefiting students, employees and speakers in a secure and integrated environment. Enhance your school's capabilities with security, efficiency and innovation.

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