BlueEntrance Enterprise

Manage complete Identity & Access Management workflows with a focus on ensuring your compliance. This BlueEntrance license has all the features of the BlueEntrance Pro and Corporate licenses. In addition to all these features we have added the ability to manage the multi-tenancy environment (multiple companies with their own environment in BlueEntrance) and register contractors war also added the ability to self-register with the ID document reader in the kiosk or desktop. Integration with the BlueSafety e-learning solution is also part of this license.

Feature Overview

  • Customizable Web Interface
  • Customizable Workflow Implementation
  • Multi-Tenant Management
  • Employee Management
    • Registration of Employees
    • Azure Integration
    • Sync Employees to BlueEntrance
    • Single Sign On to BlueEntrance
  • Enrollment of access key
  • Automatic issue of a pass
  • Assigning proper access rights
  • ID Pass Templates 
  • Visitor Registration Workflows
    • Pre Registration of visitor
    • Invitation of visitors
    • Local Registration of visitor
    • Self Registration of visitor
  • Contractor Registration Workflows
    • Pre Registration of contractor
    • Invitation of contractor
    • Local Registration of contractor
    • Self Registration of contractor
  • Kiosk Management
    • Self Registration of visitor
    • Check-in with QR or Pincode
    • Check-out with QR or Pincode
    • Security / Safety regulation approval
    • Custom questionnaires
  • Passport & ID scanning
    • Visitor Self Registration
    • Contractor Self Registration
    • Authentication of ID document
  • Enrollment of access key
  • Automatic issue of a pass
  • Assigning proper access rights
  • Room Management
    • Define rooms 
    • Define assets
    • Define room based access autorisations
  • Room booking
    • Room filtering
    • Employees
    • Visitors
  • Presence Monitor
  • Area Monitoring
    • Define areas
    • Counting of persons
    • Area Presence monitor
  • Reporting
  • Mail notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • BlueSafety - Security, privacy and compliance


  • Integration SALTO Space
  • Integration Third Party Access Control

Each license comes with an one-time investment fee and a monthly fee. The monthly fee includes the maintenance, software update warranty, service level agreement components and full support.

Ensure Compliance

Employee Management

Visitor Workflows

Contractor Workflows

Security and Privacy

BlueEntrance focuses on ensuring compliance and security through strong employee management and the implication of BlueSafety. This includes seamless registration, integration with Azure, synchronization, and single sign-on. Our visitor and contractor workflows guarantee compliance with pre-registration, invitations, and local or self-registration. We also strengthen security and privacy with features such as room management, area monitoring, reporting, and notifications. BlueEntrance's commitment to compliance extends across its functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution for managing access, ensuring privacy, and meeting regulatory requirements.