Commercial Institutions

Tailored and personalized solutions

Improve workplace efficiency together with Bluefield Smart Access. Shape a solution around the challenges of your working environment. Create an overview of all the installed hard- and software to plan and manage maintenance more efficiently. Designed by you to simplify, control and improve security, each of the solutions helps create better workflows for entire premises. Finish each workflow and activity happening in different locations with a fully customized system that greets all persons moving throughout a building. Already using keycards? No worries. Our solutions can make existing solutions fully customizable.

Streamline access and security

Apply the solutions of Bluefield Smart Access in your area to simplify facility management tasks and reduce errors. Reduce the complexity of installed systems, the solutions solve and nuance problems such as integration complexities, scalability issues, hard-to-understand interfaces and preparing for emergency responses. Reduce your workload by streamlining the security, access and compliance.

Case Studies

Municipality of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

The municipality of Apeldoorn is a municipality that is located in the Netherlands and more specific the province of Gelderland. It is accompanied by one of the largest green areas of the Netherlands, the Veluwe and the home of one of the Dutch royal palaces, Het Loo.

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