BlueEntrance Pro

With its all-in-one visitor management, BlueEntrance integrates with SALTO Space Access Control into a single, powerful platform. This innovative technology delivers a range of advanced features including digital registration, contactless check-in and check-out capabilities, and a seamless smart access process for visitors. BlueEntrance sets a new standard for security and visitor experience across all industries and building types to streamline your operations flows.

Features Overview

  • Customizable Web Interface
  • Customizable Workflow Implementation
  • Employee Management
    • Registration of Employees as hosts
  • Visitor Registration Workflows
    • Pre Registration of visitor
    • Invitation of visitors
    • Local Registration of visitor
    • Self Registration of visitor
  • Kiosk Management
    • Self Registration of visitor
    • Check-in with QR or Pincode
    • Check-out with QR or Pincode
    • Security / Safety regulation approval
    • Custom questionnaires
  • Enrollment of access key
  • Automatic issue of a pass
  • Assigning proper access rights
  • Presence Monitor
  • Reporting
  • Mail notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Security, privacy and compliance


  • Integration SALTO Space
  • Integration Third Party Access Control

Each license comes with an one-time investment fee and a monthly fee. The monthly fee includes the maintenance, software update warranty, service level agreement components and full support.

Efficient Visitor Registration

Visitor Registration Workflows

Kiosk Management

Enrollment of Access Keys

Presence Monitor

BlueEntrance Pro offers streamlined and adaptable procedures for visitor sign-up. This includes pre-registration, invites, on-site registration, and self-registration. Additionally, our comprehensive kiosk management system allows visitors to self-register, check in/out with QR or Pincode, while complying with safety and security regulations through custom questionnaires. Simplifying access, registering access keys guarantees automatic pass provision and allocation of the relevant access authorisations. The incorporated attendance tracker presents prompt reports, notification emails and SMS and ensures compliance with security, privacy and regulatory standards.