Bluefield Smart Access is very active in the world of Identity & Workflow Management solutions. People, companies and environments are being introduced. On this page you will find a data bank of client studies, important updates and other news.

New Member! - Dechaun

In the second half of 2023, we welcomed new team members! One of them is Dechaun! He started in September and has since managed to improve the look and feel of our solutions. With his knowledge of the latest ins and outs of development, he is one of the company's information resources. Along with one of his colleagues, he is learning the ways of development at Bluefield Smart Access; slowly making his way through all the applications and solutions.

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Streamlining ACS: The power of centralisation

Centralised access control systems are steadily replacing their decentralised and spread-out counterparts, bringing a lot of benefits to organisations. These solutions allow users to manage access rights, security protocols and user data from a single, comprehensive platform. Instead of the high-risk manual input on all the different applications. BlueEntrance offers this solution.

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Regulatory Compliance with Integrated Access Control Systems

Regulatory compliance is a critical issue that every organisation must address. Adherence to industry regulations and standards not only ensures legal compliance, but also helps build trust with stakeholders. An often overlooked but essential component of compliance is access control. In this blog post, we will explore how an integrated access control system can play a key role in helping businesses in organisations meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

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