We transform industries with both standard and customizable Identity & Workflow management solutions. By improving the design of business workflows, scalability and efficiency, we enable industries to embrace innovation and make significant efficiency improvements.


Easily control visitors, contractors, and employee hosts from one central place. Make access management simpler by using BlueEntrance kiosks for check-ins. Our main improvement is the way we check IDs, making sure only authorized people get into buildings and areas using uploaded documents or ID card scans. We also work with BlueSafety, our own e-learning authentication option.


Keep track of employees and visitors, managing their access and IDs. Guests can register in different ways, including self-check-in at our own kiosks if they're invited. Operators can also register visitors on the spot. BlueEntrance includes standard features like central photo registration and pass printing.


Organize the employees in a hospital or care company, their IDs, and who can access what. For the 'internal' workers, we connect with the HR system, then to access control, parking, and locker systems. BlueAccess takes care of 'external' employees, like making ID cards and passes, which helps everything run smoothly in this field.

Commercial Institutions

Enhance workplace efficiency and tailor solutions to workplace challenges, offering a comprehensive overview for maintenance planning. Simplify, control, and improve security for smoother workflows. Centralize tools to reduce human error, making roles less stressful. Streamline facility management, minimizing environments for regular access, ensuring a more efficient, stress-free workplace.


Centralized solutions empower schools, enhancing safety and streamlining operations. Real-time updates and overviews keep students and staff informed, ensuring a secure environment. Upgrade access control for modern security, allowing seamless communication while restricting access. Bluefield Smart Access prioritizes security, efficiency, and innovation in schools, combining simplicity with hospitality.

Utilities & Critical Infra

Upgrade your utility and critical infrastructure security. Fully installed solutions can centralize your access control en other systems. Improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and enhance safety with our advanced technologies. Discover intrusion protection, operational efficiency benefits, and a stress-free compatibility approach.

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