Your Identity and Access Manager

BlueEntrance Cloud helps manage staff, including employees, visitors, and contractors, along with their identification cards and other access permissions.


Seamless functionality with a wide range of access control, HR and parking systems. In the near future, it will also integrate with locker systems, electronic key cabinets, and other exciting ideas.

Simplified Application Management

Experience simplified persons management with BlueEntrance Cloud. Manage staff, visitors and contractors through one centralized and connected solution. Effortlessly assign roles and rights to all that enter the premises.

The solution is fully customizable to make sure that it perfectly aligns with your needs and requirements. Easily add, create and migrate persons with automated and designated environments.

BlueEntrance Cloud ensures strong security and puts you in complete control. Simplify and optimize your identity and access management with the user-friendly and customizable solution.

Centralised Control

Centralised Dashboard

Simple Registration of Persons

Workflow Management

Improved Security

BlueEntrance Cloud is the rebuilt cloud version of BlueEntrance. Providing a centralised cockpit where the user can easily define each workflow involving employees, visitors, contractors and reporting tools. Aimed at single, but also multitenant and multisite clients.

  • Improved security, performance, and reporting.
  • Efficient workflow management tools
  • Simplified registration of employees, visitors, contractors
  • Centralised and customisable analytics dashboard

Effortless Productivity Boost

Experience increased productivity without a steep learning curve. Simplify the organization of roles and right, ensuring that future registrations or admissions are completed efficiently.

In-depth reports on company operations and visits are available to authorized personnel, making it a breeze to prepare for peak moments.

Access control systems can be easily assigned to tenants through a single solution, eliminating the need to switch between applications!

Seamless Integration

HR- and AD-systems

Booking- and Parkingsystems

Lockers and Key Cabinets

Access Control Systems

Combines single and multi-user applications with ease. Integratable with a wide variety of access control, HR- and car parking systems. Additionally, incorporated locker systems and other advancements are coming soon! Read all about the possible integrations on the Technology Partners page.

  • HR and AD Systems
  • Booking and Parking systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Lockers and Key Cabinets.

Real-time insights and reports

Prepare for the future with detailed reports and real-time insights. Monitor employee and visitor occupancy by tenant and location. Accurately allocate space.

Easily predict where extra security is needed and which visitors are coming for which employees.

In the event of an emergency, the user will immediately know the number of employees, visitors and contractors, which can be reported to any management team or other emergency response service.

Customizable Kiosk

Fully customize you kiosk. Greet your employees and visitors in detail with a customizable welcome screen. Multiple kiosks? Manage each kiosk separately and test the screen on your computer. Just generate a link and open your custom screen on the kiosk or prefered screen. For more information on the kiosk, please contact sales.

Enhance the back-end of your visitor flow while maintaining the hospitality your guests and employees expect.

Kiosk example screen

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