BlueEntrance Corporate

In addition to all features of the BlueEntrance Pro license, you can automate and centralize the management of employees, their identifiers and access profiles. By default you're able to integrate your Microsoft Azure environment to syncronize your employee data from this central system and to use the single sign on (SSO) feature to login into the BlueEntrance application. In this BlueEntrance Corporate license you're also able to manage specific rooms and their assets, make reservations and ensure access for employees and visitors. 

Features Overview

  • Customizable Web Interface
  • Customizable Workflow Implementation
  • Multi-Tenant Management
  • Employee Management
    • Registration of Employees
    • Azure Integration
      • Sync Employees to BlueEntrance
      • Single Sign On to BlueEntrance
  • Enrollment of access key
  • Automatic issue of a pass
  • Assigning proper access rights
  • ID Pass Templates 
  • Visitor Registration Workflows
    • Pre Registration of visitor
    • Invitation of visitors
    • Local Registration of visitor
    • Self Registration of visitor
  • Contractor Registration Workflows
    • Pre Registration of contractor
    • Invitation of contractor
    • Local Registration of contractor
    • Self Registration of contractor
  • Kiosk Management
    • Self Registration of visitor
    • Check-in with QR or Pincode
    • Check-out with QR or Pincode
    • Security / Safety regulation approval
    • Custom questionnaires
  • Passport & ID scanning
    • Visitor Self Registration
    • Contractor Self Registration
    • Authentication of ID document
  • Enrollment of access key
  • Automatic issue of a pass
  • Assigning proper access rights
  • Room Management
    • Define rooms 
    • Define assets
    • Define room based access autorisations
  • Room booking
    • Room filtering
    • Employees
    • Visitors
  • Presence Monitor
  • Area Monitoring
    • Define areas
    • Counting of persons
    • Area Presence monitor
  • Reporting
  • Mail notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Security, privacy and compliance


  • Integration SALTO Space
  • Integration Third Party Access Control

Each license comes with an one-time investment fee and a monthly fee. The monthly fee includes the maintenance, software update warranty, service level agreement components and full support.

Automated and Centralized Employee Management

Employee Management

Enrollment and Access Control

Room and Asset Management

Workflow Automation

BlueEntrance Corporate is ideal for automating and centralising employee management, access profiles and identifiers. It works seamlessly with Azure, making the process of registering and synchronising employees effortless. Its flexible workflow implementation and customisable web interface make managing multiple tenants easy. Access control is streamlined with automated enrolment, passes issuance and precise access right assignment. Furthermore, BlueEntrance's strong room management software enables the establishment of rooms and assets with personalized access permissions, which helps to create an all-inclusive system for effective and centralized workforce management.