Streamlined visitor and contractor management, including authentication and access control

Central management of visitors and contractors to a company. Besides this, the registration of employees as a host are included. This also includes the identifiers used and the allocation of the correct access rights. All variants for registering visitors are often used here. Visitors are invited by their hosts and can check themselves in and out at the kiosk within BlueEntrance. Within BlueEntrance, the operator is also responsible for registering visitors who have not registered in advance.


Ensure safety and security

The most important add-on to BlueEntrance is the authentication flow. Is the visitor or contractor allowed to get – in the end of the registration flow – physical access to specific building or areas for a specific period. The authentication flow is the added value of BlueEntrance for this market. This can be checked in advance by uploading specific documents in the pre-registration of invitation of the visitor within BlueEntrance, but also locally when checking inat the BlueEntrance kiosk by scanning and validating the ID card. A local check whether the necessary safety instructions and questionnaire have been successfully completed is also part of this application. Exactly this authentication can be added by integrating of BlueSafety. The e-learning platform of Bluefield Smart Access

Case Studies

Heros Sluiskill - Ecopark Terneuzen

Located on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, Heros Ecopark Terneuzen is a sustainable business park on a 45-hectare site. Its central location, deep waterways and 500-metre quay provide ideal access to Belgium, Germany, northern France and the United Kingdom. Heros Sluiskil manages access control for companies such as Lijnco Green Energy, Electrawinds Green Fuel and Heros Sluiskil. Heros Sluiskil produces 600,000 tonnes of mineral building materials per year and supplies raw materials to the metal industry. For Heros, sustainability means maximising the use of resources and transforming them into new products.

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