Custom access policies for employees, visitors and contractors

We have identified exciting opportunities to innovate and automate your business processes in the day-to-day business. Simplify registering employees, visitors or contractors and ensuring appropriate access to your organization, specific areas or rooms. And all of this for as long as it's needed and on the terms that you set. We have been doing this successfully for 10 years with our innovative Identity & Access Management solution, which brings significant improvements to the way you register and authorize employees, visitors or contractors to access your organization.


BlueEntrance is for organizations that want to simplify and improve the process of automating the registration, verification/authentication and authorization workflows for a variety of persons, such as employees, visitors or contractors.

This physical identity and access management solution is adaptable to specific requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and organizations.


BlueEntrance Cloud

BlueEntrance Cloud helps manage staff, including employees, visitors, and contractors, along with their identification cards and other access permissions.

Seamless functionality with a wide range of access control, HR and parking systems. In the near future, it will also integrate with locker systems, electronic key cabinets, and other exciting ideas.

The solution is fully customizable to make sure that it perfectly aligns with your needs and requirements. Easily add, create and migrate persons with automated and designated environments.



BlueSafety is the e-learning platform for companies looking to improve the safety of their environment. With the BlueSafety e-learning platform, you combine training and testing to ensure all persons present or about to present themselves within your company are compliant to your own security- and safety regulations.

The company is able to manage all types of security- and safety regulations by uploading the movies and documents, manage the questionnaires and the minimum conditions that a person must meet before entering the company, plant or environment.



BlueConn is a middleware solution focusing on the exchange of persons, their identifiers and physical access rights between two integrated (usually access control) systems. Whether or not supplemented with specific business logic. 

The solution consists of two parts. On one side the "configurator" in which the settings of both systems are managed and on the other side the "sync agent" in which frequent synchronization processes are indicated.



Bluefield Smart Access offers a range of solutions to guarantee efficient security. These solutions cater for specific connections between existing systems or comprehensive all-in-one packages covering all software aspects of an area. Key features include:

Visitor Dashboard

Pre-register and manage visitors. Digitally sign documents before arrival. All details are captured while scheduling meetings. 


Create a welcoming check-in/check-out procedure for all guests and employees with a BlueAccess physical kiosk on premises.

Roles & Rights

Easily implement pre-set rights and roles. Options linked to contracts of your employees to make sure only those who are allowed can access your secure areas.

Employee Dashboard

Efficiently administer and implement all changes to employees and contractors. Efforlessly and securely connect hrm systems.

Single Sign-On

Streamline user experience and improve productivity by simplifying user access. Single Sign-On enhances security and reduces password fatigue.

Multi Tenant

Get control of all the different environments within a multi-tenant building. Centralise administration and overview through BlueAccess.

Experience the solution through a Demo

With a demo of a solution of Bluefield Smart Access you will immediately know what gains you will receive through the integrations. Our trusted Sales department is more than willing to provide you with as much insights as possible and answer all your questions. Experience the efficiency.