Streamlining access management in Healthcare

BlueEntrance is at the cutting edge of revolutionising the healthcare access management landscape. With a strong focus on centralisation and automation, BlueEntrance redefines how healthcare facilities manage the complex interplay between employees, visitors, contractors and suppliers and their access credentials and physical access rights to access control, parking or locker systems.

Effortless automation for enhanced security

At its core, BlueEntrance thrives on automation, seamlessly orchestrating employee and visitor management within hospitals and care organisations. Internal staff experience a seamless connection between the central HR system and BlueEntrance, ensuring effortless data synchronisation and access control. External staff and visitors find their home within the BlueEntrance ecosystem, simplifying management through a centralised approach. Beyond enrolment, BlueEntrance's power lies in its ability to dynamically grant physical access rights based on roles, departments and locations, all while adhering to contract terms. This complete automation minimises administration and increases security.

Case Studies

Amphia Ziekenhuis

Started in 1819, Amphia is proud of its more than 200 year long active history in the healthcare field. With multiple location through the south of The Netherlands. On top of that, Amphia is part of the top-end of the hospital branch with the latest technology and high density of experts in multiple fields.

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Nij Smellinghe Hospital

Started as an emergency healthcare facility in a townhouse in 1945, the Nij Smellinghe hospital provides care to more than 120000 inhabitants residing throughout the Zuidoost-Friesland region. The hospital strives to give everyone all the attention they deserve, which is more than visible through their motto: “Met aandacht. Dat voelt beter”, meaning “With care. That feels better.”

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