Centralized and Connected Control

Make things smoother by letting BlueConn automatically handle and connect data tasks between different systems. It helps you keep track of data flows.

If you work with multiple systems and want to simplify, BlueConn is for you.

It is the tool for businesses that want to automate their data tasks and manage everything from one central location across existing databases and systems. For example, it can help process personal data from the HR system to other systems such as access control, lockers and parking.

What is BlueConn?

A middleware solution focusing on the exchange of persons, their identifiers and physical access rights between two integrated (usually access control) systems. Whether or not supplemented with specific business logic. The objective is always to centrally and automate the functional management of persons, identifiers and linked physical access rights.

On-Premises Solution

Efficient Settings Webconfigurator

Sync Agent for Synchronisation Processes

Limitless Customization

The solution consists of two parts. On one side, the "configurator" manages the settings of both systems, and on the other side the "sync agent" indicates frequent synchronization processes.

Unlocking and communicating data to make connections visible. Not just to gain desired control but to gain insight into the data and the processes occurring in and around that data. A simple authorization grows into an established workflow, for example, when authorizing an employee, different systems will respond seamlessly.


The Configurator is like a control centre in a middleware solution, managing settings for two integrated systems, in this case, in access control. Its job is to handle configurations that guide the exchange of information between these systems, focusing on details about people, their identifiers and access rights. In simpler words, it ensures that data moves smoothly between systems following specific rules.

The goal is to simplify the administration of people and access rights by bringing together and automating these processes. This makes sure that related systems collaborate effortlessly and effectively, resulting in a more coordinated and practical way of overseeing staff and access control in a company.

Sync Agent

The Sync agent is a very important component of a system that helps to share information, such as doors and transactions, between two integrated systems. It is different from the 'Configurator' which manages settings, the 'Sync Agent' manages regular synchronisation processes. Its main role is to ensure that shared data remains current and consistent between the systems.

Operating quietly in the background, it ensures that changes made in one system are accurately reflected in the other. This process of syncing is important to keep communication running smoothly between different parts of an organisation. It ensures that various systems can work together effortlessly and efficiently.


Extracting actionable information, BlueConn simplifies correlations in a user-friendly manner while continuously tracking and logging system data for better process visibility. Tailored to your needs, BlueConn connects with almost any system, ensuring safety by detecting anomalies and enabling prompt response.

Smart Data Insights

Automated Application of Business Logic

Real-Time Monitoring

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

GPDR Compliant Security

  • Smart Data Insight - BlueConn obtains valuable information from your systems, which provides you with a more straightforward overview.
  • Automated Application of Business Logic - BlueConn acts based on the rules and strategies you have set up for your business.
  • Real-Time Monitoring - Retain control of your processes with BlueConn's real-time monitoring and loggin.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems - BlueConn can connect with almost all existing systems, completely tailored to your preferences.
  • GDPR Compliant Security - BlueConn in line with GDPR requirements and triggers alerts automatically when necessary. Allowing for swift response times.

BlueConn empowers your enterprise, offering a robust, user-friendly and secure solution!

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