Nij Smellinghe Hospital

Published on 9 November 2023 at 10:35


Started as an emergency healthcare facility in a townhouse in 1945, the Nij Smellinghe hospital provides care to more than 120000 inhabitants residing throughout the Zuidoost-Friesland region. The hospital strives to give everyone all the attention they deserve, which is more than visible through their motto: “Met aandacht. Dat voelt beter”, meaning “With care. That feels better.”

Figures and Facts

  • More than 1600 employees
  • 339 active Hospital beds
  • Active since 1945
  • Helps inhabitants of 7 municipalities

The Challenge

With a variety of Access Control Systems, the hospital struggled to maintain all the administrative tasks and to be as secure as possible. With a large variety of secure rooms, such as medicine cabinets, pharmacy areas, clothes dispensers, and locker systems. Issuing access authorization to each party was very time-consuming and decentralized.

Each of the present parties in the area is required to be certified by specific safety regulations, this even differs per specific department in the hospital itself. Without having a quick way to check the status of those certifications, long queues appeared every time there was a scenario where certifications were needed.
Finally, there is the parking garage attached to the hospital, usable by employees, visitors, and contractors. With limited space, the hospital struggled to evenly distribute the parking spots.

The Solution

Nij Smellinghe Hospital has moved to a centralized operating model with the implementation of the BlueEntrance identity and access management solution. This technology shift has enabled Nij Smellinghe to efficiently register, manage and authorize all employees and external stakeholders, streamlining the access control process. The system integrates basic employee data from the Beaufort HRM system and also accommodates external staff such as GGZ employees, cleaning staff or taxi company employees.

The Identity & Access Management application provides a seamless, automated process for registering, managing and authorizing employees and contractors. It augments basic information with details such as license plate numbers (through the Parkbase system), passport photos and ID card templates, and facilitates the printing and delivery of access cards in the appropriate format.

The result is an automated access management system with centralized control over registration and authorization processes. Nij Smellinghe benefits from increased operational efficiency, reduced operating costs, comprehensive visibility and personalized access management. The interface also integrates with access control systems, including the Salto system for internal doors, efficiently distributing access rights via online card readers at strategic locations.

Efficient data flows play a critical role in the seamless operation of the integrated system. Data is synchronized hourly with the Technico garment dispenser, which enhances the master data from the Beaufort system within the application. Certain data is also synchronized with the Active Directory environment, making passport photos available for authorized identification in MS Outlook, for example. The creation of access cards is triggered by the entry date, and the deactivation is synchronized with the termination date in the Beaufort HRM system, ensuring real-time authorization management and clean database maintenance for the various systems involved.

Key Benefits

  • More efficient operations
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Insight and transparency
  • Personalised

Technology Used

  • BlueEntrance
  • Technico

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