Amphia Ziekenhuis

Published on 15 December 2023 at 14:40


Started in 1819, Amphia is proud of its more than 200 year long active history in the healthcare field. With multiple location through the south of The Netherlands. On top of that, Amphia is part of the top-end of the hospital branch with the latest technology and high density of experts in multiple fields.

Figures and Facts

  • More than 5000 employees
  • More than 400 automated access profiles
  • More than 6 system integrations

The Challenge

In a large hospital like Amphia, there are many different roles, each requiring specific locations and equipment. As hospitals have experts from all over the country, new employees regularly join the team, leading to repeated enrollment tasks.
Due to the wide variety of staff members, there are numerous tasks, areas, and rooms to assign. Managing this manually leads to a high risk of errors and a large amount of paperwork to ensure the safety and security of the hospital. For instance, various job positions can access designated secure rooms for medicines, pharmacy essentials, uniforms, and lockers. However, providing access to everyone was time-consuming and disorganized, causing a congested database.

The Solution

Amphia Ziekenhuis has moved to a centralized operating model with the implementation of the BlueEntrance identity and access management solution. This implementation allowed Amphia to register and manage employees in an efficient and fault-free manner. Now, the system has a unique benefit of automatically cleaning up after an employee’s contract ends. Guaranteeing up-to-date and precise data.
BlueEntrance is the critical component in this simplified process. The system takes out important information from HRM, like employee numbers, personal details, and job roles within the hospital. These details are then used to customize access and roles to match different systems. Some of these systems include lockers for staff, monitored parking areas with assigned spaces, and a special clothing distribution system.
Employees are given keycards that update with the latest information from the HRM system to provide hassle-free access to designated areas. The access matrix is a vital component that connects the keycards with BlueEntrance and, as a result, the HRM system. This matrix presents a complete overview of the roles and functions in the company, detailing which areas each role or function can access.
The arrival of BlueEntrance has decreased the amount of administrative work Amphia Ziekenhuis needs to do, allowing them to keep the environment safe and efficient. It not only makes access management easier but also works well with the hospital's changing staffing needs, offering a scalable solution for their various requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient employee registration and management
  • Automatic Database Cleanup
  • Customized Access and Roles
  • Decreased Administrative Workload

Technology Used

  • BlueEntrance
  • HRM system
  • Locker system
  • Parking
  • Access Control System

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