Technology Partners

Welcome to the technology partners page of Bluefield Smart Access. On this page you will find existing partnerships and integrations. With all the collaborative efforts with industry leaders, each client is provided with the latest  and most secure technology.

Access Control

Regulate entry to specific places to allow only authorised individuals. This can be achieved through the use of methods such as cards, codes, or biometrics.

HR Systems

Manage employee-related tasks, including payroll, attendance and benefits, streamlining human resources operations within organisations.




Parking Systems

Manage parking spaces efficiently using technology such as barriers, ticketing and sensors for organised and controlled vehicle parking.

IP Parking

Scheidt & Bachman

ID Scanners

ID scanning is used to quickly and accurately verify the identity of individuals by scanning and analysing official identity documents.

Technology Partners


Card Management

Handle electronic card issueance, activation, and deactivation for secure access control systems in buildings and facilities.

Key Cabinets

Secure storage units for organising and storing keys. Ensure controlled access in various environments, such as office or facilities.




Personal storage compartments with locks are commonly used in places such as schools, gyms, and workplaces to secure belongings.

Clothing Vending Machines

Dispensers of apparel that provide automated and convenient accesss to garments in public spaces or retail environments.

Active Directory

Active Directories manage user identities and permissions, organizing and controlling access within computer networks in an enterprise environment.