Bluefield Smart Access is a Dutch software development company founded in 2013 in Utrecht and currently located in Nieuwegein. Our aim is to automate the processes of registering, verifying, and granting permissions for individuals, their credentials, and physical access rights to businesses in their targeted market sectors. Over the past ten years, our dedicated team has grown and now serves partners and users worldwide. Bluefield Smart Access is successful in various sectors such as corporate, industrial, real estate/co working, government, healthcare, and education.

International Partnership

At the start of 2022 Bluefield Smart Access partnered with SALTO Systems internationally. Bluefield Smart Access showed that is specialises in developing access management solutions focused on automating registration, authentication, and authorization processes. Its cloud-based technology solutions, such as BlueEntrance (Cloud), BlueConn and BlueSafety, are designed to provide physical identity management expertise. SALTO Systems, a top producer of electronic entrance management systems worldwide, has partnered with Bluefield Smart Access to enrich their range of access control solutions. Although working in partnership, Bluefield Smart Access will stay autonomous in Nieuwegein, and pursue to offer their solutions and services separately. The collaboration allows Bluefield Smart Access to anticipate rapid international growth while maintaining its commitment to existing partners, clients, and solutions.

Up-to-date features

The diverse team of developers make sure that our integration options stay ever expanding and up-to-date. By implementing the latest technology, programs and languages the solutions stays as secure and fast as possible.

In combination with the operational part in the company all client requests, stories and experiences are translated to a feature within the solution. This makes the solution a perfect fit for all situations.

Become part of the team!

Looking for a developer job where you will work both individually and in a team environment? We work with methods and scrum and you will develop and maintain new and existing software applications for our clients. You will be responsible for realizing integrations with underlying data sources, implementing and delivering the applications in a production environment, and ensuring that quality, budget, and time aspects are not overlooked. Let us know!

Send an email to info@bluefieldsmartaccess.nl stating the role you wish to apply for. We may see you soon at our pool table!