Municipality of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Published on 11 January 2024 at 09:33


The municipality of Apeldoorn is a municipality that is located in the Netherlands and more specific the province of Gelderland. It is accompanied by one of the largest green areas of the Netherlands, the Veluwe and the home of one of the Dutch royal palaces, Het Loo.

Figures and facts

  • Almost 170000 inhabitants
  • Covering more than 341 km2
  • Home to the Apenheul Primate Park and Palace Het Loo

The Challenge

The municipality of Apeldoorn had several systems installed and wanted to upgrade them. Of these, the two access control systems already installed were completely different but still needed an option for roles and rights. The town hall used one access control system, while all the districts used different brands of access control systems. This made the whole installation difficult for employees or third parties to use: increasing the chance of human error and potentially dangerous situations in emergencies. An additional requirement was added to make it easier to add third parties to the system.

The Solution

With a Bluefield Smart Access solution already installed in one location, the first step was to expand the area covered by the solution to include more districts within the municipality. This made it easier to manage the locations through a single solution. Each area or location is a separate part. This made it easier to manage the entire municipality and allow different rights and roles for each specific area.
In addition, a keycard solution was installed to facilitate access and security for all employees and guests. BlueEntrance made it possible to print fully customised key cards for the municipality.

Key Benefits

  • Locations are more accessible for emergency personnel
  • Secure connection between existing systems
  • Ability to add third-party employees
  • Simplified and efficient registration for employees and visitors
  • Custom keycards

Technology Used

  • BlueEntrance
  • Multi-tenant management system
  • ID/Card system
  • Existing ACS: Paxton and iProtect