BlueEntrance Demo: Try Our Visitor Management Software

Published on 10 June 2024 at 09:00

We're excited to announce that we're now offering a demo license of our innovative visitor management software. With BlueEntrance Demo, you can try all the features of our Enterprise license, but with a limit of 10 visitors to create. This allows you to test our software risk-free and see how it can benefit your organization before deciding to purchase.

What can you expect from BlueEntrance Demo? Here are some of the key features you'll be able to try

  • Streamlined visitor registration and check-in process: Our demo allows you to create a customized visitor registration form and automate the check-in process, making it easier and faster for visitors to enter your facility.
  • Enhanced security measures: BlueEntrance Demo includes advanced security features such as customizable access controls, and visitor validation, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter your facility.
  • Real-time notifications and alerts: Stay informed and connected with real-time updates and notifications, including visitor arrival and departure alerts.
  • Customizable workflows: With BlueEntrance Demo, you can create customized workflows that meet your organization's unique needs, including creating custom visitor types, fields, and permissions.

Why try BlueEntrance Demo? Here are some of the benefits of testing our software

  • Risk-free: With our demo license, you can test our software without any financial commitment, allowing you to evaluate its effectiveness before your purchase.
  • Hands-on experience: Our demo allows you to experience the full features of our Enterprise license, giving you a true sense of how our software can benefit your organization.

We're confident that once you try BlueEntrance, you'll love it!

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