New Member! - Dechaun

Published on 10 January 2024 at 11:32

In the second half of 2023, we welcomed new team members! One of them is Dechaun! He started in September and has since managed to improve the look and feel of our solutions. With his knowledge of the latest ins and outs of development, he is one of the company's information resources. Along with one of his colleagues, he is learning the ways of development at Bluefield Smart Access; slowly making his way through all the applications and solutions.

Why did Dechaun decide to continue at Bluefield Smart Access?

He chose Bluefield Smart Access for a simple, but thoughtful reason: he connected a bit better with Bluefield Smart Access compared to the other company. Dechaun found himself in a situation where he had a choice of companies to work for. This was, and still is a compliment, but it made it difficult because he had to choose. However, when he met Andres, one of the long-standing members of the development team, he was able to make his decision.

What does Dechaun do at Bluefield Smart Access?

It had been a while since Dechaun had been with a company, which meant that he had a good influence on each of the solutions. He has made sure that the search and filtering options within each of the solutions are in good shape. Because Bluefield Smart Access works with a mix of integration partners, Dechaun was forced to learn all the necessary skills at the same time. It was a challenge he was happy to take on. Together with one of his new colleagues, he managed to make the new search and filter options available in each of the environments. The result was a smoother UX.

What does Dechaun do outside of Bluefield Smart Access?

When Dechaun is not in the office, he is not sitting still. He tries out a lot of things at home that he can use in the office. He also sees his friends almost every day and is currently known as one of the sportiest in the company. The whole team wonders what he does outside the office hours. Apart from that, he likes to play games and laze around a bit while eating Pringles crisps.
We wish Dechaun a good time at the office and the best of fun. Welcome to the team!

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