Bluefield Smart Access has partnered internationally with SALTO Systems

Published on 23 November 2023 at 11:55

Bluefield Smart Access is known in the Netherlands as a specialist in developing and implementing physical identity & access management and integration solutions for the wholesale, government, industrial and real estate markets, among others.

Bluefield Smart Access' unique cloud technology solutions (BlueEntrance, BlueConn and BlueSafety) focus on automating registration, authentication and authorisation processes of persons, identifiers such as access card, mobile phone, license plate etc. and access authorisations from and to integrated HRM, Active Directory, Access Control, Locker or Parking systems, among others.

Spain-based SALTO Systems is a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions with an extensive network of international SALTO companies and resellers. SALTO Systems' access control solutions can apply to almost any access point in a building and the area around it. With annual sales of EUR 275 million and 1,200 employees, it can rightly be called a global player.

SALTO Systems invests in Dutch technology company Bluefield Smart Access, strengthening its portfolio of access control solutions to its international network of companies and resellers. In doing so, it enables Bluefield Smart Access to anticipate the rapid (inter)national growth of opportunities in its unique cloud technology solutions.

"Over the past 15 years, I have always had a warm relationship with Salto Systems Spain," says Hans Stegeman, CEO of Bluefield Smart Access. "All this time I have shared the ins and outs of Bluefield Smart Access on a personal level with Marc Handels, the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and co-founder of SALTO Systems. More and more we came to the conclusion that our knowledge and experience within our "identity & access management world" is of great added value for SALTO and its relations", Hans continues enthusiastically. Moreover, the entrepreneurial culture of both companies is very similar.

These elements, combined with the (international) growth ambitions for Bluefield Smart Access, made SALTO and Bluefield Smart Access enter into this partnership.


What will change for you?

We will continue to provide services as you have come to expect from us. Bluefield Smart Access will continue to operate in its current composition and independently in Nieuwegein, implementing its solutions and services, with its existing partners, customers and solutions. However, with the added value of a partnership with SALTO Systems.


Do you still have questions regarding the partnership? Feel free to ask them at or 085 210 0870.

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