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Published on 23 November 2023 at 09:51

We are thrilled to announce that our company has recently achieved two certifications: ISO9001 and ISO27001.

In today's rapidly shifting digital landscape, ensuring the highest standards of quality and data security is a necessity for any software company. We are thrilled to announce that our company has recently achieved two certifications: ISO9001 and ISO27001. These certifications show that we commit to delivering exceptional products and services while safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our client’s data.

ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. This certification demonstrates meeting and exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement, efficient processes, and a customer-centric approach. By adhering to the rigorous ISO9001 requirements, we have implemented robust quality management practices to consistently deliver high-quality solutions.

ISO27001 Certification

ISO27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. This certification is about protecting sensitive information and managing potential risks effectively. By aligning our practices with ISO27001 guidelines, we have implemented a comprehensive information security framework, all-round risk assessment, secure data handling, incident response protocols, and ongoing monitoring to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Why ISO Certifications?

Attaining ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications demonstrates our commitment to best practices and provides numerous benefits to our clients and stakeholders. These certifications imbue confidence in our ability to consistently deliver high-quality software solutions while ensuring the maximum security of sensitive information.

Both certifications promote a culture of continual improvement within our organization. We regularly assess our processes, seek feedback from our clients, and implement necessary changes to enhance efficiency, quality, and security.


Achieving ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications is a significant milestone for our software company. These certifications underscore our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and data security. By adhering to the rigorous standards set forth by ISO, we are well-positioned to deliver exceptional products and services that meet the highest quality standards while safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of our clients' data.

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